Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bloggy leaks or just plain favouritism

Now, we've been real quiet here in the shop as we were tres business elsewhere in 2007 so we weren't expecting any nominations for the blog awards but we've been following them with considerable interest as they worked their way through the various rounds. There again after recent troubles how could we be sure that any nomination that might have been received by the head of the Lesion of Mary didn't end up in the trash basket. Caesar's wife and all that.

What has caught our attention is that some judges have the full list of nominees while others who offered to judge have yet to even receive an acknowledgment of their offering all of which suggests some unevenness in the judging procedure. Some judges get time to see everything while others may end up being pressured into rushing the job.

Some have referred to this process as building a buzz, but the Oscars manage to build a buzz without leaking the nominees either the long list or the short list to their mates. There again they have been at this a while and are expected to behave in a professional manner. Worse yet though is flagging to contestants that the supremo happens to know that they are nominated in advance of actually posting the list to the rest of the proles so said nominee will revive their blog so it might make the short list. Further suggesting that they should be ready to receive judges only reinforces that impression.