Monday, March 24, 2008

Battlestar returns to our screens and SG-1 sneaks back for a last looksee

Kudos to Alexia for alerting me to this.

Strange that the return of SG-1 tonight with "the Ark of Truth" on Sky One hasn't remotely been promoted to the same degree but I guess that's what happens when you get cancelled and have to scrabble about the meejasphere for attention.

Odd coincidence that I had left the old hair quite long up to the middle of last week and then finally decide that spring was here enough for me to cut it. And it would seem such a change may be about to overtake my favourite political figure of the moment, Gaius Baltar. Part of my fascination with the character of Baltar goes back to the original series when I mistook Baltar in the original series for Baltazzar from the Book of Daniel and Plus he had all those cool ship and pointed headed folks had to do things "by your command". Ah the reassurance of old fashioned megalomania. Not that I'm suggesting for one moment that I would sell out the human race for some floozies and the control of the remnants...

The portrayal of the character in the new series is excellent particularly in depicting someone led away from doing what is truly right into doing what is very wrong simply by their own weakness and unwillingness to come clean with a mistake they've made. Fear of consequences. I'm a real sin's of omission kinda guy.