Monday, April 21, 2008

Something good is going to happen - 08

A strange happened over the weekend. I was watching moving picture box and it turns out Utah Saints have made a video based on an experience of my Co-Op in Carlow! Ok only in part and even then it is probably just accidentally similar rather than based on. Read the text and then watch below

I was in Carla as it is known locally back in 1989 and I was only there under a week when the June bank holiday came along. As I didn't know anyone so I thought I would wonder into town relatively early and see what the cool spots were before the crowds gathered. I had a scoop or two in a few places and ended up some disco bar type thing. It was maybe 9 o'clock at this stage and there were a good few people gathering at this point and some nifty tune came on, yet no one dancing and since I wasn't known I felt all touristy and reckoned what the hell. So I got up and danced, by my self. Oddly enough some young ladies who were there decided to join me and the night ended up being quite fun. I didn't have quite the most stylistic of clothes though. The other peculiar thing is that this clip mirrors my experience of the arrival of dance music in Ireland in the late 80s. I was in London in '88 for the 2nd Summer of Love as it became known, not that I partook all that much what with living in Caterham, in fact my own direct experience was pretty much confined to one trip to Heaven then located near Charring Cross station. Excellent night in truth. Bit intimidated by the blokes in lycra cycling shorts on the podiums though. Anyway, back in the old home town disco after that summer those who had been away
got up for the new dance tunes while others were aghast at the silliness of it all.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charlton Heston has passed on, did someone get the gun?

Charlton Heston has gone on to meet his maker, or should I say meet him again as he was bumping into him so often during Ben-Hur that he was particularly an apostle. So I'm wondering if anyone has tried to take his gun yet.

After all he did urge us to.