Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Society

The I is you, the I is me, the I is everyone. The ‘I’ is in all. The ‘I’ sees not Union’s nor individuals. It seeks no illumination, for all can see through the ‘I’. There is no team in the I.

The I is watching. The I is loving. The I is caring.

The I loves you.

The I would like to have a lie down...

One of the stories of origin is that the I Society came about in March of 89 when Dan Levy (Lecturer ECE dept.) gave an open book exam for Electrical Science to the 2nd Electronic Engineering class. This was the last exam prior to going out on co-op, it was on a Friday or perhaps even a Saturday at the end of exam week and the class had missed out on the main carousing events on campus. The open book nature of the exam meant that you would not be searched going in and so the decision was made to come in something unusual. About 20 odd people came in sheets. Hmmm… that is a phrase too open to interpretation, so better to say that somewhat more than 20 members of the class wore sheets to the exam in the toga manner favoured by the Romans and the Saturday night live crew from the move ‘Animal House’. It made for a very relaxed atmosphere and over the following months a number of people took up the challenge to lighten the atmosphere on the then NIHE campus. The I Society was primarily a vehicle for self expression and making the college a bit more eventful and enjoyable during what was a drab old time. Rather than telling people that membership was open it all, it was considered more sensible that everyone on campus was automatically a member unless they explicitly stated they were not. Hence, the mantra when asked what is the I Society, “The I is you, the I is me, the I is everyone. The ‘I’ is in all.”. That has been expanded and now all sentient life is considered to be part of the I.

Others claim that the true origins of the I were much more mysterious. All stories are possible...

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le Comte de Saint Germain said...

This is now what they call Social Choreography