Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Elections and Choices

Seems our Canadian friends are having themselves an election and there was a recent comedy ad which I personally found rather good!

We might be having one here in Ireland to. We definitely have to have by one June 2007, though I'm of the belief that the government might jump to catch people on the hop. My pick is for June this year for reason I might go into later. I passed on my reasoning to someone who might be considered to have expert knowledge and his response that there was more than 1/3 chance suprised me. I'd have gone for more like a 15% chance. So, you heard it here first.

Where you from then? A question one is often asked, and given my mobility down the years a somewhat longwinded answer is the only true reply. I do count myself as a Kerryman first and foremost though.

The site above was featured on channel 4 News this week and since then appears to have been getting loads more traffic than they expected.

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