Saturday, November 04, 2006

More about children

isn't that what everything wants to read, me talking about children? Hey, I got broody too every once and a while, it passes.

Went to see 'Little Children' last night which was not at all what I was expecting. We were treated to some adult nudity from Kate and Jake which was alright by me (and I have to apologise for my delight at the trailer for 'Stick It' from the writer of Bring it On. What can I say I'm a sucker for twentysomethings in leotards and cheerleader outfits). It was more of a slice of suburban east coast US, married somethings with more time on their hands than they rightly knew what to do with. Some of the characters get a raw deal in terms of development, and there appears to be more going in in places than we get to see. The film is quite long at 130 minutes. Though it isn't arse numbingly so could have done with looping off 20 minutes. As it was it seemed like a few scenes had been removed. The performances were quite good and it appears intended to leave you talking about it. Worth a look but not sure if it needs to be seen on the big screeen. Oh, hang on large screen nude Kate, yes then see it in the cinema.

I had a quick gander at the trailer over on\trailers and they make it seem like a slow boiling thriller.


amadán said...

I agree, worth seeing in cinema for Kate alone!

And I am still seeking therapy for your exultations over the trailer for "Stick it". They couldn't have been twenty somethings which was why it reminded me of that other character you didn't describe in your review :-p

Dan Sullivan said...

I had a quick check and for those I can find birthdays they are mid-twenties. American movies are forever getting people in their mid twenties and thirties to play high school kids.