Friday, November 02, 2007

Now this is a band

Back in the day you were either a Duranie or a Spandau person and I was firmly in the Duran camp. Well, they had more tasty girlies in their video for one thing. So last week's Jonathan Ross was quite a treat for me, Simon le Bon's voice was well probably never going to get him through X -factor but that is really where the X factor fails to find the true X factor, the something that takes someone not so great at all and makes them truly brilliant.

It start somewhat limply but by the time you get to the chorus it sounds like solid Duran gold.

After the new single "Falling down" we have Girls on Film which is a classic. Ignore the video which was frankly only better by The Chauffeur.

and isn't that what all good young bands should be about? Sex in whatever form you're interested in? And what comes back so much is that A) Roger Taylor was an excellent drummer which we get from the version of Girls on film and B) how iconic some of their early songs were.

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