Monday, February 11, 2008

Roy Scheider- oh yes she can!

Best known for his part in Jaws Roy Scheider died aged 75. I recall a number of years back when he was on as a guest with Graham Norton on ch4 back when Graham was just starting out and they did a web cam segment with someone called Madam Peepee whose schtick was well, peepeeing while you watched via the webcam. So they contacted her and Graham was talking to her and then she starts to drop her pants and squat over a toilet. Graham seemed not to be expecting this and

Graham "oh she can't do that on television!"
Roy leaning over to get a better view " oh yes she can"

I thought to myself there is salt in the old sailor.

Roy with you gone, we're going to need a smaller boat.

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Elizabeth said...


Calibra Pictures is pleased to announce the release of the trailer for Roy Scheider’s last film “Iron Cross”.

The revenge thriller, written and directed by Joshua Newton, will be previewed towards the end of the year in Los Angeles, following our Roy Scheider Film Week, dates and location tbc.

The trailer can be downloaded securely from the following link:

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Yours truly

The Iron Cross Team