Monday, May 19, 2008


I know it can be awful but that is not part of its charm; it is all of its charm. Below are my views on tonight's 'contestants'. 10 countries make it through.

Flag of MontenegroRTCG
Stefan Filipović
Mild rock nonsense

Zauvijek Volim Te
02 Israel
Flag of IsraelIBA
Boaz - quite different and could be a contender
The Fire In Your Eyes
03 Estonia
Flag of EstoniaETV
Kreisiraadio - competing on the joke entry side of things

Leto Svet
04 Moldova
Flag of MoldovaTRM
Geta Burlacu - jazz singer does mild torch song.

A Century Of Love
05 San Marino
Flag of San MarinoSMRTV
Miodio -

06 Belgium
Flag of BelgiumVRT
Ishtar - singing in a made up language! Again! Quirky but bland

O Julissi
07 Azerbaijan
Flag of Azerbaijanİctimai
Elnur & Samir - there is a emo/goth influence to the look of some of the acts and this is one of them

Day After Day
08 Slovenia
Flag of SloveniaRTVSLO
Rebeka Dremelj - takes too long to get running and is very run of the mill fare.

Vrag Naj Vzame
09 Norway
Flag of NorwayNRK
Maria - power ballady

Hold On Be Strong
10 Poland
Flag of PolandTVP
Isis Gee - she has great teeth as all Americans do and God does she try and show them

For Life
11 Ireland
Flag of IrelandRTÉ
Dustin the Turkey - coming after the Poles might be no bad thing.

Irelande Douze Pointe
12 Andorra
Flag of AndorraRTVA
Gisela - more bland fare

13 Bosnia & Herzegovina
Flag of Bosnia & HerzegovinaBHRT
Laka - A bit Hazy Fantazie in look, and the vocal from the chicken is weak, but I liked it.

14 Armenia
Flag of ArmeniaAMPTV
Sirusho - the start promises but it aims straight for the middle of the road

Qele, Qele
15 The Netherlands
Flag of The NetherlandsNOS
Hind - Ok, the video is playing with some suspect and confused imagery but I like the song.

Your Heart Belongs To Me
16 Finland
Flag of FinlandYLE
Teräsbetoni - Lordy Part Deux.

Missä Miehet Ratsastaa
17 Romania
Flag of RomaniaTVR
Nico & Vlad - God it was dull

Pe-o Margine De Lume
18 Russia
Flag of RussiaRTR
Dima Bilan - Man they really want to win this. And man I don't think they will

19 Greece
Flag of GreeceERT
Kalomira - At one point she sings that she's not easy, in underpants that are larger than her skirt! Could do well.

Secret Combination

So I'm saying Greece, Israel, Russia, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Armenia, Finland, Poland

And depending on whether the UK gets to vote or not, Ireland or Norway.

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