Saturday, June 18, 2005

Home and back again.

Popped home on Thursday, had to sign some stuff Friday morning then back to Limerick Friday afternoon. Had a few drinks with Mom on Thursday night, and squeezed in a meeting on the planning process too! The Healy-Rae's were out in force, well both of the juniors. It seems to they must view Johnny O'Connor as a threat in the next General Election for them both to be there, especially when Danny Healy Rae is a councillor in Killarney, not Killorglin. 'Dolly' Michael Healy Rae is our local clone. I'm afraid I couldn't keep my mouth entirely shut and had a go at both of them. Especially, when he was comparing the number of refusals for planning permission in Donegal with the Killorglin Electoral area including Ring of Kerry. I helpfully pointed out that we had a tourist industry something which Donegal doesn't have so much (Odd I think as Donegal is comparative much more unspoilt compared to Kerry these days)

I know people get more aware of their mortality as they get older but I'm getting more and more ticked off at the folks. The whole, 'we mightn't be here next year' comments are one thing but being told how to turn the water off and on for the house is just taking things too far. They be lying out clothes next.

The construction of the Killorglin Manhattan proceeds apace. The scale of the site is quite something, and my inner engineer forced me to take a quick shot, with the phone so it's not great. Still you are see the underground car park area is progressing nicely.

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