Thursday, December 01, 2005


It seems Bus Eireann are changing the bus service in and out of UL. I found this out by being given a timetable on the bus last night. It is unclear whether this new timetable is kicking in today Dec 1st or Sunday Dec 4th as there are conflicting messages in the etha.

The timetable itself is a design mess: at the top they refer to the 308 as going long Childers road, and the 308A as going via St. John's, yet the timetable itself is populated by M's and P's. The M's indicate the bus goes via Childers road and the P's indicate that the bus goes via St John's.
So the M is the 308 and the P is the 308A.

And just for more clarity, all the buses (98% of them) that go through the city centre are marked with an X. The ones that don't are not marked.

I'm inclined to believe that if I hold the timetable at a specific angle to the noonday sun on a particular date, it will point in the direction of a crock of gold but I could be on to a loser with that one.


The Busy Engineer said...

Crock of gold???
If it's a bus eireann Timetable the only crock it could possibly point to is one of shit. but you could live in hope.

Dan Sullivan said...

I prefer to live in hope, rather than admit to myself that I'm in the pooey.