Thursday, December 01, 2005

InfraRed Tooth

I got a new phone!

I had to change my service provider, cos vodafone was just too damn expensive and K.Now couldn't afford it anymore. So, with €25 for 200 minutes, anytime, any network from 3, I reckoned I'd give that a go. The phone was €29. See my new phone here, and my old phone here. I also got a 256M mp3 player free! So, it seems like a bargain.

As the sim cards differ between the 3G phone and the old one, the shop can't do a transfer.

Another problem is that the new one doesn't have blue tooth, and I can't get infra red to work on the old one or on my latop. So, it appears that I can't move numbers from the old one to the new one! I will just have to type them all in again! AaaaaaaHHHHHHH!!!!!!


amadán said...

text them to yourself :-p

Dan Sullivan said...

Can't do that as I transferred my number and that means my old phone no longer has any network coverage!!!