Monday, June 19, 2006

People who care.

I had to attend a function over the weekend of a grouping I belong to, let's call this grouping - the House. Well, the folks in the House are nice people. Terribly nice people.

There is a famous quote about the Church of England being the conversative party at prayer, and some of these folks are a little like that. You get the impression there is something that ties them together which is separate but not entirely from their membership of the house. There is a certain corporate stateness about them, a permanency. The middle managers of history.

These folks are certainly well meaning. They are for the most part a group of mostly slighty more than middle class and even even slightly more than middle aged, folks who 'care'. I've always had a difficultly with people who make it their business to 'care' whether because it is part of their job to 'care' (those in the poverty industry) or because they believe it is their role in society. This caring class are symptons orientated, root causes tend not to be their bag, baby.

We had this gathering, well let us call it an AGM. There being only one of these gatherings a year you would expect that there would be a big deal made of it. Instead, there was a GMO-free conference arranged around and in parallel with this AGM. There was press piece about the GMO conference but nothing about our little gathering.

I'm afraid I was my usual vocal self and by the time it came to lunch I was beginning to gather some followers. Thankfully, they already had some individuals lined up for a sacrifical run at high office so I able to avoid getting to involved in the House's problems.

Our President who does a remarkable Mary O'Rourke (gran-aunt of the nation), was all indulgence and order for the most part but suitably patronising too.

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