Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Wonder

I was down home this weekend. There was a wee political gathering in Killarney unfortunately Johnny was unsuccessful this time out. There was also a Harley Davidson gathering in the town. As a result there were bikes all over the Ring.

After the previous week of moving about I was incredibly tired and slept quite late on Saturday. Well to about noon.

I went down town for a walk and the progress on the new town centre and AIB is quite impressive. Apparently, due to finish sometime in July.

As for the World Cup, the Germany - Sweden fixture was quite flat, while the Argentina - Mexico game was very entertaining. Mexico were very unlucky in facing Argentina at this stage. I missed the England - Ecuador game and perhaps the less said about the Portugal - Netherlands game the better. It was awful stuff, and from a country with such a great tradition in the game.

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