Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I've never been quite the handymen that Val and Earl (Earl is on the right, Val is on the left) proven to be for the population of Perfection. I've done a fair bit of painting, yard clearances, mild demolition (sheds and walls) and general gardening work. However, I thought I had worked out any kinks there might be in my technique. I may have been wrong.

It seems that my wallpaper removal and painting may have had a more permanent effect than I was expecting. The last 2 weeks or so I've been waking up with my litte finger on my right hand curled up and try as I might I can't unfold it. I have to use my other hand to do it manually(yes, I can see the funny part of referring to something that you do with your hand as manual). It is as if it has locked up, that or the wiring is shot.

I've got an aunt who has suffered considerably since her late 30s with arthritis, so I'm somewhat concerned; as rated on the Mitty Concerned scale where 'somewhat' is higher than 'mildly' but not as high as 'a good bit'. From my light net reading, it seems arthritis is like a weakness or condition that you are prone to that get triggered or released due to a trauma in the joint. I'm going consult with one of those quackery folks and see if this is just a mild dose of hypochondria.

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