Tuesday, August 08, 2006


A cracking game of football, there was some great fielding on display. The O'Se clan should be justly proud of the commitment and skill their lads showed. Not sure that we should be labelling Kieran Donaghy as 'Der Neu Bomber' but sure he seems grounded enough to live with the comparison. Sean O'Sullivan had a good game, and shouldn't feel that being replaced was any comment on his contribution. Gooch was quite good enough on the day but he is not 100% back to his best, 90% plus but there again Gooch's 60% would be enough for most county squads. Mike Frank's shooting wasn't quite up to his best but he did good link work, took responsibility and I feel he is getting back to his best. He is due a blinder and I'd love it see it against the Dubs in the final. I'll be honest and admit to some roaring and shouting at the telly when Donaghy scored. This win doesn't mean anything without an All-Ireland at the end of it. And while we may have the northern whoodoo off our backs for now, I wouldn't say that takes from Tyrone or Armagh's wins.

The slips against Cork this year will be a different matter.

And Palace started the season with a win too which was nice.


Connie said...

Was indeed a cracking game, one of the best this year - well done to Kerry!

Dan Sullivan said...

Their majesties of the Kingdom are most gratified by your good wishes. Now, I'm off to see the King!