Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One year older, none the wiser.

Unlike Mr. Russell Nash, I'm thinking I should just take a few years off at a time rather than stealing the identity of some wee child who didn't make it and reinventing myself aged 74.

So, how about being 29 this years? That would make still allow me to claim Argentina '78 as my first world cup and in time for the great Kerry teams of the 70s. OK, so I'd have missed the team of '75.

I'd have been a tad on the young side for the summer of love mk2, but since most of the activities prevalent at the time on the illegal side how would having been underage make a difference?.

Anyway, 29 today.

This sounds familar I wonder if I blogged this last year?


The Busy Engineer said...

My God you must be caught in a time warp.
You're 6 years younger this year than you were last year....

Happy Birthday.

Dan Sullivan said...

Well, spotted that man!

I'm taking a few years off as I go ago. I'd been 35 for a while and thought I could gear shift down few more this time out. And 29 has a certain resonance.

amadán said...

Very Belated birthday greetings Danny! Hope all is well with you, despite the deja vu!

take care!

fluffy said...

i'm so "belated" on this one i wish you a happy next birthday danny!