Monday, October 24, 2005

Ghost house happenings

No word on the house, apparently the solicitor hasn't returned the auctioneer's call. Guess it is better to think of the whole thing being off. To comfort myself, I booked myself a quick flight to Germany for a weekend. Well, she/you did said to come over. So, I'll go and moan about houses. And interest rates and the falling value of the rand. Actually, isn't the rand named after some sort of animal must check that out.

Someone referenced this site about famous birthdays and I checked it, and guess what! I'm still not listed.

Those who are though include Linda Hamilton, Olivia Newton John, Ivan Pavlov (he of the dogs!), Serena Williams, Anne Robinson, James Caviezel (so that's where the messianic complex ended up) and T.S. Eliot and George Gershwin.


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