Monday, October 17, 2005

XXXXs are a sometime thing

Following on from Sesame Street's efforts to highlight that cookies are a sometimes food, I thought I should mention that blogs are a sometimes communication method. After all, many people view them more as a diary and diaries are mostly about events that have already happened.

It doesn't make sense to announce upcoming events in blog. If those events are in the quite near future, posting them in a blog with any expectation that people will see them in time seems down right silly. There again, it's somewhat the corporate memo, you send it with the intention that no one will notice it, but have it to cover your rear and the proverbial hits the whirring thing at the end of the hall. You know what I mean.

I should state that the wearing of other peoples clothing of a gender to which you are not attracted post they wearing said items while exercising is horribliness of the highest order. The jury is still out on the issue of sleeping in the beds of other people in their absence whether or not you are attracted to them.

From Ed Brill's blog comes the best suggestion for the Office 12 marketing strategy
"Office 12 -- the features you've wanted, found after years of searching!"

I was looking for something in wikipedia and it occurred to me that recent popular culture say the Sprouts seem to be easier to find then crusty old academic information.

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