Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You're not paranoid if they are actually trying to kill you

So, yesterday evening someone actually tried to kill me. I was cycling home after popping into the local 'Get and Go', after take the roundabout at the Groody apartments, I noticed a bit of revving behind me and reckoned that's all I need someone looking to speed past me over the speedbumps when there is oncoming cars. However, he didn't overtake when he could have between the speed bumps so I was a bit conscious of him on my rear.

I turned right after the last speed bump after looking back to see that there was enough of a gap between us and he crept around the corner after me. At that point in the road there tends to be a line of cars on the left in front of two houses which makes things tight. Two cars can't pass each other there, and someone passing a bike needs to make a effort to avoid squeezing a cyclist into the parked cars. It's kind of a horizontal car tunnel.

As I passed the first of the cars, the car gunned past me and then veered into the kerb on the right hand side of the road, broke sharply, did a 180, acrossing someone's front lawn and stopped to face me. This is just at the last left hand turn up the hill to the house. I reckoned there must be some thing up so rather than take the turn, I pulled in between two of the cars that were parked on the turn in front of the wall around the corner house. The car then accelerated at me, veering off at the last moment and then stopped, at which point I took his reg.

He was stopped because he was again that the entrance to the car tunnel, couldn't make it through. He came back, and I decide to walk on the rest of the way up the hill to the house. After 15 feet, another car came out of the car tunnel rather quickly and the mystery driver took over at pace. About 3 secs later, someone shouted out to the wind to stop that racket.

I went into the house and after a slug of water, rang the gardai. I reckoned it was either a stolen car, or someone being drunkenly reckless.

Today ,it turns out Jim saw it from the house. Well, he saw the 180, and the car heading at the wall but not me between the cars.

Of course, the same sort of thing happens in Jacob's Ladder!

Thinking of carrying a heavy spanner in future.

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Dan Sullivan said...

If I'm on a trip straight down the ladder then can my Jezzie please make an appearance?