Thursday, May 19, 2005

Attention seeking

So flickr is a place to put pictures of interest to some and none. It seems like a good facility. I'm really only testing it out for the moment. For more storage you have to pay, what is intriguing is it is not clear whether you are paying for the software that allows you to organise pictures or for the space you are renting to store the pictures. It would be great if all my photos were digital and I could do all kinds of organising, but most of mine are plain old filim! I might scan a few. Of course, there is the issue of whether placing pictures of people you know on the net that they may not find too flattering will damage a friendship. You may see nothing wrong in the picture but they may be incredibly self-conscious about something that you hardly notice. I suppose it's about respecting their opinion above all else. Unless, you don't respect them at all or have lost all respect for them then you can put up all kinds of skanky and sleazy, dragged out of the bushes backwards, pre-hungover, bad hair day , doing illegal things and just plain lame images and see what fun ensues!

I've also decide to examine some of the places to drink or booze in Limerick . It will be very much a viewakance look at hostelries in the locality. The opinions will be irrational and sometimes even just totally wrong, take note of them at your peril!

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skitz said...

hmmm - illegal pphhhh ! - it wasn't illegal at the time.. thats all I have to say on the matter !