Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Going down, south of the border, down mexico way

So it happened. Palace were relegated. I watched the WBA game on rte, while getting tortured by the commentary crew as to the state of play in the other matches. And there it was 10 minutes or so to go and Palace were leading Charlton and we were staying up. Then we concede a goal from a set piece and we're down. It was very hard to take. I think that Palace will, if they can hold on to their players, bounce straight back up. That said, it seems all too likely that a number of players could be pinched by the big clubs, Andy Johnson, Routledge, Kiraly amongst them. Going down and still being able to reproduce your best performances can be a challenge for anyone. You really need to assured of good guidance to navigate the environment, something I suspect not all ladies are completely conscious of. Many are though, and they are richly rewarded for being so.

Other news is that the barbie at 205 has been me thoughts to testing the barbie at the back of our place. It is dangerous work but someone has to do it. Given the responding success I've had in organising things in the recent past, I'm not very confident that anyone will come if I do get it working.

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