Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Great ideas I've had but not used or why I'm not rich.

Another great idea that I had either too late, or wasn't able to do anything about.

I've always had a thing, since secondary school as it happens, about
getting some type of projector device that doesn't need a screen. My personal
idea was some system that magnetized the individual water vapour in the air
and reshaped them such that they would each act as a prism for daylight.
OK, it was a bit sci-fi. I was thinking about it again yesterday evening when
looking at my phone and how small the screen is and later on did a quick google
and found this

In the mean time I wonder if I could afford one of

Ah well, there is always Vagsec Industries....!


mgb said...

No Vagsec industries. No. bad danny!

Dan Sullivan said...

There were a lot of design problems at the conception stage with the 'collection units'. Many of these remain unresolved to this day. Also, rates of pay were regarded as challenging.

Of course, interested parties reading this should note that Vagsec remains an Intellectual Property of Mike C, Maur, and moi. It results from a day on the bog almost 20 years ago. Much heat was generated in bagging the sods and a thrist quenching beverage was desired by all.