Monday, May 30, 2005

A world of guilty pleasures

Today Mgb complains and raves and raves and rants about Revenge of the Sith. It's not great storytelling. I'd personally give it a 6/10, but the fact is that some things are not like the others. I suspect some who didn't experience SW in the cinema from day one will find the whole hoopla completely overblown. Which of course it is! For those who were there first time out, the shadow of the first(s) cast everything afterwards in a false glow. Yet, still it glows.

As Joss Whedon might have said, "Unto each generation an Oasis is born"

Also, this weekend rte was showing Frequency at the same time that BBC3 were showing Pulp Fiction and it prompted me to remember some of guilty pleasure movies that I will happy stop changing channels for and just drop into no matter where in the movie we find ourselves.


The idea is cool and I feel consistent enough for sci-fi but it’s really just a McGuffin for the father son interaction which in part makes this so good.

The American President

Power! And I’ve got something for a thing for Annette Bening. It's not a big thing, though it does get bigger when I watch this!

Late for Dinner

I was in Japan when I saw this and I seem to recall being quite broody. Which was odd enough in itself. I really suspect it was the feeling of lost time that hit me most, the loss of loved ones through being absent is quite odd.

Field of Dreams

More Father and Son happiness coupled with the oddness of marriage and adult responsibility. Also, Amy Madigan as the feisty, take no prisoners Annie Kinsella.

Annie Kinsella Terence Mann was a voice of reason during a time of great madness. Where others were chanting, "Burn, baby burn", he coined the phrase, "Make love, not war". I cherished every one of his books, and I dearly wish he had written some more. And if you experienced even a little bit of the sixties, you would understand.
Beulah: [indignantly] I *experienced* the sixties.

Annie Kinsella: No, I think you had two fifties and moved right into the seventies.


Bring it on

Cheerleaders! Faith, Glory, Spiderman’s girlfriend! What more could you ask for? Even More Cheerleaders!

They live

The sunglasses, the subtext, that fight! Sadly, too many people on Indymedia actually think the elite are this organised to really be bothered to do anything about social justice.

Below are others that have a similar effect on me but which are less likely to be considered such guilty pleasures by others by virtue of they are

Fight Club

And with the "limber" Helena Bonham Carter.

The Big Sleep

Dames, and a plot that can make your neck ache if you don't pay enough attention but with a young Lauren Bacall who wouldn't be paying attention.


Just the opening showed it was all back on form. Up there as one of the best Bond's ever.

The Maltese Falcon

Dialogue so sharp you could shave with it the following morning. Dames so untrustworthy, you'd go to the bathroom after relations to check and make sure they hadn't removed anything in the process. Bad guys so sleazy, it was hard to imagine their hats didn't slide off their heads. And the ultimate McGuffin.


The sands of Io Jima! And typical the fight between the ladies involves Prosthetics.

Gone with the Wind

The scope, the clothes, and Vivien Liegh. Elegant, haughty but naughty too. A force of will like a storm at sea.

The Big Lebowski

The dude abides! hmm.... I've not bowled in a while.

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