Friday, May 06, 2005

That Election and those bets

So, I had €4 on the SNP to get five or more seats at 7-4 which is a win
So, I had €4 on the LDs to get between 61-70 at 7-4 which is looking like a win, but Paddy's not paying out just yet.

Sadly, I had €8 on the LDs to get more than 70 at 15-8 which is a total loser. (Somewhat like me)

I'm not too confident about my €1 at 7-1 on the UUP to get 3 or more seats either.

Still on balance I'm up and I think my guess on was pretty accurate too.


Dan Sullivan said...

Paddy has paid out on the LDs getting between 61 and 70. Weee!

skitz said... you are a winner!! whooho!!