Sunday, May 08, 2005

Believe in me!

If only I did...

One of the strangest thing about us all is that no one is quite as they seem to be. Oddly enough the biggest culprits we can find are ourselves, we lie to ourselves about who we are and how people see us. It's normally a harmless thing, though if you let it get out of hand you will start to see yourself as significant different to how you are. This differential (I'd call it a delta only there may be non-nerds reading this at some point) will lead only to pain of various types.

The really severe pain comes when reality clashes with this personal world view in some dramatic manner. Essentially, you suddenly realise that you are very far from this picture you have created of yourself. and you are attempting to do something that the real one has no hope of suceeding at. We can all get away with the occasional white lie to ourselves about who we are, but not really big whopper. Morever this is the case where other people are involved.

Along with this I should point out that I ascribe to the view put forward by the guide which is that "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy also talks about love. It says: avoid it!"

Very, very true.

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