Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Croydon Olympics!

Ok, ok, it's actually London and mainly in the east end. Still, I think it was a good choice and should make for a fun Olympics. And imagine all the people training over here to acclimatise.

On a sporting vein, we are attendees or ne'er do wells as Mgb calls us at the official opening of the Limerick School of Arms. There was some exhibiting of cut and thrust, some bon mots and some consumption of the fruit of the vine and the work of human hands.

Food was had at Luigi Malones and all I can say is that the Buffalo wings starter is enormous, it would easily have done two of me! A pint at Players post the dining was all I could manage, I must be getting old.

It does seem that health troubles are congregating, both Mike's father and Ronan and Adrian's father have been with the hospitals and hopefully both will be well again shortly. My own dad is up to Cork today for one of those vague checkups that he goes for every few months. Those sorts of trips whereby he tells us nothing about what they've said to him as if he were sparing us something. At the same time, he is in good form and seems hearty enough, so I reckon he's fine just needs to be checked every once in a while to make sure that if anything is up that they catch it early enough.

The really annoying thing is that they expect him to be in the hospital in Cork at 8am! Coming from Killorglin. With our public transport system. I know people are usually full of praise for the support staff in hospitals but I wonder sometimes if any of them concern themselves with how people get to the hospital and what happens to them when they leave. Anyway, it gets mom in a tizzy but it usually all works out in the end.

It could explain last night's odd sleep which left me waking feeling that I'd seen something very despairing but I couldn't remember what.

Of course, the other more long term consequence of parental medical encounters is that genes being what they are those matters are also likely to be the medical encounters of the future for our good selves too. I've always had an idea that the head side of things is somewhat vulernable in my case. And I've had a few 'cracks' or flags appear on occasion myself down the years in the head department (I should point out that I'm talking physical head stuff, not the mental side of things, that's a whole other ballgame), but generally apart from the stuff that actually kills us we seem to be a reasonably robust shower in my family. All that Atlantic weather I guess.

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