Friday, July 15, 2005

We're all going to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow...

actually, it's not the Zoo I'm going to I'm off to Killorglin though sometimes it can seem like one and it's today not tomorrow.

Of course, if there were a trip to the Zoo, or the museum or the beach I wouldn't be allowed go on account of ...actually, I don't know why exactly I just know I wouldn't be going. Of course, some times there are those who take up a lot of room and it makes sense that some people have to be left behind, (especially, if it's all for the good of the team!) but one would sort of think that it would be mentioned to the little tike rather than the family just disappearing into the distance. Especially, if it leaves the foundling wandering about the PSA looking for people to break bread with.

In other news, while celebrating John Browne birthday, the subject of sociopaths and killing people came up. I tried to make a contribution without implying I knew more about the subject than I do.

In other news, I'm giving thought to trying out a different age. I've got a birthday coming up in September and instead of the usual adding one year to my current age to arrive at a new one I thought I might leap a few year in a single bound. I'll see in the next few weeks if I can away with 35, it seems like a sort of plausible one. If it feels comfortable I might keep it awhile too.

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