Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mercy, mercy me.

Off to Cork tomorrow to accompany Dad to the hospital not that he has been explicitly told this yet. Though, I'm personally of the view that he's aware of it. It's not like he's an eejit. He's just prone to behaving like one from time to time. Parents, eh!

My role is that of questioning person, and perhaps I may need get somewhat forceful about it. It's all down to getting some answers to questions that Mom wants answers to essentially about how he is.

Asking the man himself post the visit is pointless as (a) he won't tell her anything, and (b) he's probably not paying that much attention to what is being said unless some key words are spoken, like you could line out for the 'Kingdom' next week, though probably in the half-line or you'd be best not to plan any long holidays. It's all one or the other to him.

So, off to the Mercy with me for most of the day. I'd thought it was the Regional, so it is just as well I asked Mom today.

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