Friday, July 08, 2005

Intemperate thoughts.

I know I'm only a Croydonian and not strictly speaking a Londoner and that only by association and accident, but I've always considered London a sort of 3rd home. (My parents and my gran's place being homes 1 and 2. )
I actually made the effort to head out to see the Olympics announcement on the telly, and had felt a little lift when London was drawn out of the envelope. Then last Thursday morning, I was numbed to see the carnage on the streets, and the people spilling out of the Tube. And also, somewhat intemperate in my feelings as to who did it.

The one thing we can't allow to be tolerated is intolerance itself. And yep, I suppose that this means I think that there are limits on the tolerance of other cultural norms and behaviours. Just as I don't have the right to go to Saudi Arabia and chaff pints of Guinness at my leisure, nor should someone coming to Ireland have the right to interfere with my Guinness chaffing. It's a pretty hairy area to consider but essentially if people living in the UK don't like the place then move or try and change it within the existing political structures!

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