Thursday, July 28, 2005

Waiter, this wine is Corked.

Generally we had a positive outcome from the visit to Cork.

Dad got a relatively good prognosis, they had taken some samples and there is nothing 'bad' which I take to mean malignant and there had been no narrowing of his oesophagus as a result of what I presume from all the talk is "Oesophageal Stricture". Yeah, I'm kind of unclear on the correct spelling too.

So, he’s due back up again in 3 months for them to take another look. Hopefully, they won’t be scheduling him for
8am visits next time. It can’t be that bloody hard to timetable people from within a certain distance of the hospital for the earlier times and people from further away for later times. Of course, we are talking about the health service where all the brain surgeons are…well, brain surgeons, I suppose. It can’t be a pleasant experience having someone look down your throat and if they think it necessary, dilating the oesophagus with God knows what…a big tube, or something. Still, he’s a typical stoical bloke about the whole thing. Asked by the quack yesterday how he was feeling, he said “Yerrah, could be better, you know”. Like I say, he’s a mine of information. Mom is looking for a cause, but from what I’ve read it seem like something that can just happen as you get older.

Of course, this means I’ve probably got that to look forward to!

Mom’s knees aren’t the Mae West and she seems to find the travelling up and down quite tiring. She’s not too keen on the idea of getting them done.

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