Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oi, that hurt!

So, stifler is leaving us. On Saturday night he played host in the house to some of his friends and now ex-work colleagues. There were some people there who were variously described as game ball, up for it, or anyones. I'd gone to bed at this point which is probably just as well.

Monday afternoon, evening assisted mgb in the making of fire! For my punishment in so defying the Gods, mgb managed to burn my thumb with a plate. The plate which had been left next to the bbq had heated up on one side and it was that side which I was presented with my mgb.

You can see the resultant 'horrific' damage done above. Shocking really, of course, I'll probably be accused of being a 'woose' by some. I rather think I bravely soldiered on through the evening.

I found this today as a result of MGB's reference to Terry Pratchett allegedly having a go at JK Rowling. Truly an inspired piece of work.

This coming weekend is my school reunion, actually it's a reunion of the class I would have left school with except that I starting reading Lord of the Rings the week of the year end exams in 4th year. Finished Lord of the Rings in 8 days but also made a pig's ear of the exams. It will be a somewhat strange occasion.

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