Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend worriers

Friday, went into town and meet Sully and JcD in Nancy's, had 2 then up to Tom Collins for quieter drinks. In the door and who was sitting inside only N. McDo....l, and J 2me. Both are wage slaves of the cpu king but they seem to be enjoying it.

Saturday went to see My Pet Brick in the Sallyport. Was pleasantly surprised, not by competence of those involved (ducking from shoe from the direction of the foundation building) but rather by the material chosen. All good tunes, most of which I know or have de collection, Though the songs are somewhat more on art student side of rocking. I really enjoyed it. Seriously. And got a lift from Miss cc, we swung (avoiding the beeping people behind us) by donkey's which was closed! Shocking all together, Shocking!

Sunday went to Beal na Blath for the Michael Collins commenoration, thanks due to Eoin for the lift down and up again and shout out to Liam for being part of the crew. Odd enough, an old 'pal' of mine was there, God how we reminisced, it was powerful stuff altogether. What was odd was that he wasn't at the event in Dublin which would have made more sense.

Somewhat surprised today that someone was comparing Goldfrapp to Slade, when it's obviously a T-Rex influence we are looking at in 'Oh la la'. And they let such people play instruments!

And tonight was the last night of soccer! not enough people came forward and expressed an interest in keeping things going. Bummer. I'll have to join the effing gym now and do some sort of program. I'm down about 10lbs since March, when I started playing twice a week with some regularity, and I'm somewhat fitter than I was. Fitter only mind, I'm not claiming to be fit. Thanks again are due to Mr. Organiser and everyone that played. I enjoyed it .


mgb said...

Did you "pal" get his teeth fixed. He doesn't look like a vampire anymore.

Connie said...

Thanks for the comment re. my driving! ;) but must defend .. didn't know where 'Donkey's was and the navigator didn't shout in time - ask Eddie! ;)

Dan Sullivan said...

It was the fact that donkey's was closed that was shocking not the driving!

And actually I had said to turn right but the road layout is quite poor around there so I'm blaming the road and my over familiarity with the area.