Wednesday, August 10, 2005

All the old faces, all the old tunes.

So, we reunioned on Saturday night. The Carnegie '85.

I got a lift down from Mike and Maurice on the Saturday. Oh, the joy that is spending 45 minutes outside Castleisland on a Saturday afternoon. The weather was quite miserable too. We had attempts to remember people from our respective classes 1 Red, 1 Yellow and 1 Blue.

To collect the tickets, the trio above had to meet up with Lisa and 'Linda (Belinda) the front of Francie's. A swift pint or two was had and some photos from the school trip to France were examined. Neither Maurice or myself went on that trip. It was very strange to see how young everyone looked. And the hair, dear God, the hair! Then it was back to the downstairs at the Manor. There were about 25 there when we arrived with most of the ladies standing/sitting around the bar on the right and most of the lads sitting down on the left. Some element of role reversal at play there I reckon. There was some "howya" and "Who ya?" for a while while we got settled in.

Then we adjourned upstairs where a person tried to take our photograph and got somewhat bossy in doing it. Suddenly, it was just like school only with the teachers out of the room. There were calls for 'no noise' and other phrases of the age. I was singled out as a troublemaker. Detention beckoned.

Apparently, the picture is in the Kingdom Tuesday, perhaps the Kerryman too. Have to be sure and get a copy. Another one for the archive. Someone was asking about had anyone been on the telly. (I've managed it about 5/6 times one, Today Tonight in '91/92 something to do with emigration, so they showed a clip of the UL graduation in '91, and there am I, occupying half the screen and quite recognisable. Then following year it was the Tokyo Paddy's Day parade in '93, me drinking in the street and being insulted by Colm Connelly. Then a long gap to Paddy's Day '04, the 6.1 news and the GAA, then Primetime in May '04, election posters, and Q&A audience twice. I have links and must get around to posting them. ) I said yes, but didn't elaborate...

At one point in the evening, I made a comment to someone, which without the necessary culture references, didn't come across as it should have. Sometimes, I forget how silly about pop culture I am. I mentioned that someone had a certain Debbie Gibson–ness. I really need to learn to pay people compliments which a bit better phrased.

Here is young Debbie Gibson: full of perky, youthful girliness

Somewhat more recent Debbie Gibson material, she is quite the attractive woman.

We had a bit of a Siege of Ennis later. Sadly, I got lost about a quarter into it and couldn't remember/work out where I was supposed to be going. That's what happens when you don't go to weddings for a while!

Another noteworthy point is that I appeared to be the only one with facial hair. I suspect this owes something to my continued inability to grow a real proper beard and hence my repeated attempts to do so, and partially due the fact that I needed, in my younger days, to remain unshaven for considerable periods or else not be granted admission to licensed premises due to a certain youthfulness on my part.

At the end of the night, Gerard O'Connor spoke for all of us in thanking the organisers and acknowledging those who are no longer be with us.

I hope everyone had as good a night as I did. We definitely shouldn't leave it so long next time.

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