Thursday, August 04, 2005

I remember fondly a time when...

As I lay much too wide awake I was drawn to thinking last night about Puck and football and how, in either 85 or 86 when Kerry played Monaghan in a semi-final, we were forced to listen to the match on someone's car radio cos we were working as Stewards. Selling, I mean giving out tickets for pars in the par cark.

Then it occured to me that in writing this in a blog entry or on any computing device but not bothering to simply highlight the above text and

Will the idea of imprecision die a little more because we can find the facts more easily? And is this painting us into a corner?

I did horse the facts into google and I got

"1985 - Semi-finals: (Replay) Kerry 2-9; Monaghan 0-10"

so, 1985 it was.

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Dan Sullivan said...

In addition, I had a brief period as a smug druggler. Dangerous days.