Friday, August 19, 2005

Boxes of Music

Was looking yesterday at what I have on my machine to listen to and decided I was somewhat deficient in some departments, so I brought in two personal favourites of mine which are not that well known.

One is Thomas Dolby, better known as a producer, he played keyboards for David Bowie at Live Aid. Quite the musical ployglot, his album 'Aliens ate my buick' has a very strong swing feel, which as it is from 1988 makes it very much ahead of its time.

The other is ani difranco.

One thing that struck me again, as I accessed the CDs is the wonderful packaging of difranco's work. Given that she has her own label and isn't in the Britney stakes when it comes to shifting units it would make you wonder as to how if her small label can afford to do such good work on low unit basis why do the big labels cost so much when the packaging is so crapola?

And somehow a few Tori Amos albums made it in too. She of the itchy bottom piano performances. And the Barenaked Ladies. Oh jolly, jolly.

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