Thursday, August 18, 2005

My laundry bill is dirty

Amazing, some people will write about anything, or nothing or that useless stuff that you encounter in life that seems like something but is less than nothing at all. Then someone will offer them a gig or a stint or whatever people are calling it these days where someone asks you to do a thing and they clam up! How weird is that?

No real news with me.

Decided that it might worth archiving some work since you never know when machines will do the dirty on you, (would it be a good idea if you could do that with relationships? probably not), and then I found my DVD/CD writer wouldn't write. Lost about 1/2 a day fiddling about and rebooting, then came in this morning and Colm had sorted it. All hail Colm! Apparently, there was a bios update on the dell site for the drive.

See, told you it wasn't real news!

Oh, JcD is back in country this week. His wee fella, Declan, is getting christened next weekend. And B. Meade has also been around. JcD is quite the fan of Ayn Rand as I recall, and Brian, as he says himself was close enough to smell the tear gas in Genoa at the G8 protests. Oddly enough, we all still get on reasonably well. Apart from JcD knocking his pint and spilling half of over my leg. It might all have had something to do with his sister's impeding marriage and his concerns that somehow I was likely to crash the event. I didn't even know about. You go out with someone of all of a week, or was it less and they completely fail to keep you updated of their lovelife from then on. Shocking behaviour really. Mr Murphy was also with us. And he was pleased too, as his donkey went to the seaside or something. B Meade is wondering about any political plans I have, and yet he still refuses to let us know if he will txt us if the revolution is due...

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