Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Where for fart R U, Romero?

Went to see the Limerick version of Romeo and Juliet, the emphasis appeared to be very much on the disregarded comedy element. There were a couple of nice directorial moments, such as

question:what light through yonder windows breaks.

answer: a marlboro light, i suspect.

And the art of glove story at the end.

€8 was fine for such a show, and it was more entertainment that high art.

Only one thing though, I was quite unsure where to look for some of the bedroom action, I mean, who doesn't find a young lady in a short, pink, silk nightie enticing, but it was kinda short for the angle the audience were observing proceedings from and the actress in question was somewhat aware of the dangers too. There were a few moments when I reckoned I should look away now! The mystery of the theatre.


Erika said...

was she wearing panties?

Dan Sullivan said...

We never did find out one way or the other, which was probably just as well. This was the Limerick youth theatre and they apparently range in age from 16 to 22.

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