Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hail to the Chief

Odd few days since I last posted.

Saturday last I came in briefly to check mail and print out some stuff off. Abour 1.30pm the network disappeared, phut, just not there. I gave it a few minutes and when it didn't come back, I reckon it was probably something biggish, and that I should ring ITD to let them know. However, I didn't have their number to hand which as it turns out is 2999! There was no one else in the office so I thought I'd try reception.

I dialled 9 and once the other end picked up I had said, "hiya, I was wondering if you would have a contact number for ITD" " hang on a minute" says The Man(for it was he), so I hang...on. Roughly 2 minutes later he comes back with, "I can't tell you that", and there was so slight toing and froing as to how personal contact details couldn't be given out over the phone and how it wasn't personal details I was looking for. Then I was told I'd have to come down to reception, ok says I.

I headed (indirectly) to reception, and introduced myself, well I said something like "hiya I was on the phone a few minutes ago" I didn't do the whole, the name's Kane, Nathan Kane.

There then followed a tedious he said, he said exchange.

(The Man) I have no instructions to give out people's numbers.

NK: I'm not looking for a personal number

(The Man) There is no one there today.

NK: If there isn't I'll leave a message.

(The Man) Who do you think you are?

NK: I think I'm someone who working here who has come back from working in industry...

at which point I got the whole 1980s thing about how much tax he paid when it was 68 * pence in the pound. And how he had worked for 50 years. I didn't go into the whole fact that if he was that old then he was probably on of those who voted the effers into office in '77. Though, i did say, that can't be right now, if you have been working for 50 years as that would make you nearly 70 and you wouldn't be working at all. Then he told me how he was retired and didn't need this job at all. Personally, when I retire I think I'll try doing something I enjoy.

Essentially, I and the likes of me weren't getting any number today and it didn't matter what I said.

Then we got the priceless,

(The Man) I'm not here to be doing things for people like you

NK: "what do you mean people like me? I'm only looking for a effing phone number."

And man that was all she wrote

(The Man) I don't have to take language like that from you.

My ID was demanded, and I said I'll give it if you tell me who you are. So details were exchanged.

At that point, someone I know to play soccer with was passing (not that he is noted for passing when he has the ball) with what looked like lunch, and I told him the network was down and asked did he have a number for ITD, he replied no, and then a lady who was passing said it was 2999, I said that's great thanks.

I left to ring ITD shortly after being informed that he could get his unit up to make sure that things were done right.

I'm not one for naming names or pointing fingers. But the wagging finger of Just Us will be to watching for outcomes on this.

After I logged my call with ITD, I went home there was more drama. OK, it was the Tyrone v Dublin which was good without being great.

Sunday, Kerry had a practice game.... ok.... ok.... semi final against Cork. It wasn't as bad for Cork as the last time we played them in Croker. Still, it was pretty poor. My main concern is that Kerry haven't had to compete properly in a game since against Limerick and Armagh and Tryone have had plenty of tough games. And they will have another under the belt after this Sunday. Still, it should mean we are not favourties.

Fact is the game should have been played in Semple Stadium or the Gaelic grounds. There would have been much bigger crowds. Might think about cloning the family All-Ireland medal and go searching for a ticket.

*Though strictly speaking it was never actually a 68% tax rate, it was 65% though once you added in PRSI and youth levies and health levies it came to over 73%! And lets be honest you weren't on the minimum wage (which didn't exist then) if you were paying 73% and that was only

If you were on 20K
So, you'd pay no tax on £2000 = 0
then 35% on the next £5000 =1750
then 52% on the next £10000 =5200
then 65% on the remainder 3K =1950
which is 8900 and 44.5% which is still a lot but nothing like 65%. those figures are plucked out of my seating device. Still, they give you an idea.

Lots of people paid at this highest rate for a time. However, let's pause of a moment and remember that nearly half of them had voted to bankrupt the country too.

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