Saturday, September 17, 2005

80s, eighties, 80s

So, New Order have a single out, Depeche Mode are releasing one Oct 2nd which I caught on Top of the Pops last Sunday evening, and Kate Bush has an album due next month too! It's all like a familiar fruit you haven't tasted in ages.

Have to say, it's good to see Dave Gahan looking well again. It is strange as you get on a bit who it is that you find are your contempories, Dave's birthday is 9 May 1962. I've been...err... familiar with ladies older than that! Of course, that's more down to my toyboy or youthful looks than anything else.

There again the person who informed me by winning Wimbledon before I'd left school that I was past it sportswise was born on 22 November 1967. Pup! Wish I could celebrate my birthday just once like this.
I'm not sure but Louisa (ah), one time housemate has a birthday round then (Nov 22nd) , not sure about the year though. Well, not sure enough to post it here and risk losing a limb. And Maire from the same house is due a birthday in the next few days, and I suspect Annette Gill's birthday is around now too. And I should point out I've shared houses or streets with these ladies which is why I have some ideas of those dates. Other than that I'm hopeless...sugar, I forgot my Godson's birthday again! That was just last week!

I'm actually working on a listing of places I've lived and who lived there, where I was working and people I know at the time. I will post it once I've worked it all out. I have to edit some places out, least certain people come looking for me. This will be of use to biographers no doubt. Other peoples, not mine. Who is likely to write about me? Apart from those writing up notes in Arkham. Me and that Joker!

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