Monday, September 05, 2005

For a few beads more.

Was in the stables Friday evening from 5 -8pm for Leon's post viva celebrations. Would have stayed about longer but in the absence of a pass machine I was financially embarrased and am now in debt via the beer economy to mgb.

Met up with JcD for a few pints later Friday night. There was this dog in Tom Collins, which seemed in a cat like fashion to adopt the pub, and was none to keen to leave. The staff decided to call it Guinness. How original.

It did cough once and appeared to say 'alochol'. Some silly drunk lassies thought that cuddling it would be a 'great' idea, the dog was none too keen when they were rubbing its ear which looked some what the worse for wear and tear. As it had a good coat, I reckon it was lost after losing a fight rather than abandoned. I wonder if it will be there next time I go.

Other than that I was very quiet over the weekend. No alochol at all, and quite light on the food side of things too. Felt in the need for some purification. Did some work, found some old CDs including the archive of my old last work mail. Should be able to retrieve some mail addresses. If only I could get access to a DAT reader and retrieve my old Lotus mails especially the Boston and Dublin Chronicle stuff! hang on I might have some of those on some other cds, now that I think about it out loud.

Amongst the music CDs I found was the Devils album Dark Circles which is kind of of alternate history version of early Duran Duran. While the music might not be to everyone's taste, the really interesting aspect is that the material is primarily from the late 1970s and early 1980s but without the later members of the band.

Getting bloody ticked off about the house buying. Rang Friday morning and was informed the other bidder was up in price again and that the houseowners would need to be checked with. No word since, despite leaving a couple of messages. It's not like I'm looking to buy the damn thing with buttons here...ok some buttons, a few beads and a packet of zips.

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