Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Another year older, none the wiser though.

OK, I think people are getting the wrong end of the stick here. I wasn't into broadcasting that yesterday was my birthday as I don't particularly like making a big deal of my birthday or New Year for that matter. I find both occasions to be quite depressing. And both occasions tend to allow the same type of people be very false, and that makes me even more annoyed. There again, I didn't exactly hide the fact either.

As for what I did, I stayed home as I felt somewhat under the weather (still do to be honest), ordered a chinese in the evening and rang home to thank mom for having me. That was the extent of it. Didn't even have a drink, unless you count Lemsip.

I'll happily go for a pint or two at the weekend if people are up for it. Just don't expect me to provide the reason.

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