Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No cup for him to drink from...

King Puck will have to drink from the well like the rest of us for this year.

Tyrone over the course of the game itself and the championship played the better football of anyone involved. I think that they had a better game plan in the manner in which they slowly settle into the game, and build their momentum.

As for Kerry, I think that had we met Armagh in the semi-final rather than Cork it would have been much better preparation for the final. I think that the Tyrone half back line was very effective at preventing the Kerry half fowards from showing for the ball. Declan O'Sullivan in particular and Galvan somewhat seemed to be anonymous at times but that was largely down to the marker I think.
I think that Joe Brolly lost the run of himself saying it could have been 7/8 points. Kerry showed they are still reasonably close to Tyrone and hence Armagh and should be there or thereabouts again next year. We really need to meet one of them in the semi-final to steel themselves for the final. But that's the luck of the draw, if the lead up didn't suit us this year then it more than did last year.

Side points, how did the ref manage to blow up with a minute to go? I reckon we probably wouldn't have scored the goal we needed, but it's the sort of thing that takes from the overall professionalism of the organisation generally. And what exactly did happen to Gooch that he ended up on the game in the 1st half, I think rte let everyone down when they appear 'not to have had a camera on it'. There was a danger of the game descending into nasty for a bit after that since the ref didn't do anything about what was a off the ball incident.

All in all, well done to Tyrone. The game should stand as one of the best All-Ireland's in recent times. It was fiercely competitive and the skill level is high on both sides. And I think that Tyrone demostrated they can certainly play the football!

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