Monday, September 19, 2005

Blogs and false transparency

One of the problems with blogs or any kind of public posting of one's activities is the appearance of transparency that it gives.

This tends to means that the absence of blog entries can be taken to imply that people are keeping things from those who read the blogs as sources of updates on what people are up ta, when it's really most probably laziness. This can especially be a problem when filled with enthausism people blog loads starting out and then it all trails off.

So, remember take your time, start as you mean to go on and if there people haven't posted in a while don't worry that they're hiding things from you. They're just busy living!


ainelivia said...

"Just busy living".

Absooooolutely, got it in one. I really like your analysis here.

mgb said...

of course they could actually be hiding things and just pretending they are busy,

But that requires quite a bit of pre-meditiation

sometimes people just get writers block as well

Dan Sullivan said...

So, just type gibberish or reread old mails.