Friday, September 23, 2005

There is but one Kingdom and

King Puck is its Lord. However, we are proud to let Mr. Sam Maguire reign in a model of democratic co-existence. (Mr. Maguire is the one on the right)

Mike Frank Russell, Liam Hassett, Gooch and the rest of the lads are great fellows to have labouring in the name of the Kingdom. Jeez, I sound like some old timer from the 50s. Still, it's kinda nice to have something to get sentimental over. More factually, I find this is quite a good site for Kerry GAA factual matters.

Best of lucks Lads! and whisper it...

Com'on de Kingdom!

1 comment:

Connie said...

Ulster football rules!!!
can no longer be termed 'puke football' - the skill, fitness and class displayed yesterday was just excellent.. great to have been there (even ran onto the pitch afterwards! ;)
Sorry guys, but 32 wins isn't bad! ..2005 just wasn't going to be your year..