Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Where is everyone?

Is blogging the new yoga? A fad that burns brilliantly only to fade all too quickly. The mass consumption of Yoga has taken a bit of a knocking in the press in the last few weeks, there was a thing in the recent IT Saturday supplement and I seem to remember another article in the Sunday Times or somewhere like that a short while back too. The jist of the articles is that people are getting cheaper superficial, yellow pack yoga and not the full life changing aspects of 'Yoga'. Could these be a a manifestation of snobbishness, like a non-musically version of 'my wee band' ( the syndrome where some up and coming band are great, innovative, talented and personal until they become popular and the childs in the shopping centre with the jogging pants and the 3 day old thong at which point they're deemed to have 'sold out'. Credit to Jim Kerr of simple minds for the 'my wee band' comment itself)

As for comparisons with blogging, it appears lots of people haven't posted for ages, while some of those who are long time bloggers are still pounding the keyboards it seems like others are not so convinced of the value of sharing. Are they truly 'free riders' as the terminology would state?

Have people's lives been that uninteresting recently or am I just excessively deluded that other people might be interested in my meanderings? Come on people!

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