Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dear Diary

I've been rereading the first volume of Alan Clarkes Diaries in the last few days and I wonder if blogs are form of semi public diary.
After all, for most of us they are a semi-personal record. Seriously, it is a considerable stretch that the great public masses have any interest in my thoughts or bon mots at the current time, however in some time to come perhaps they will have some reason to read the blog and the great blog provider will charge them €€€s and $$$s to read what the President of Europe 2027-2032 or jailed fraudster had to think about events in the early part of the century.
However, we are also currently aware that someone in a non-specific sense might read the blog, this means we are somewhat careful to filter some of the information. To protect innocent eyes.

Maybe, they might be more correctly considered as letters to no one in particular!

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