Friday, July 14, 2006


Had a little bit of a bug over the last few days. As a result I've been attempting to adhere to what is termed a BRAT diet. Yeah, I hear some of you say, you... a diet...sure ya are. Still, it hasn't been so terrible. I might try bringing a lunch a few times during the week for a while. At least until the coast is clear and I can be more social again.

As a result I'm typing this with a small piece of apple a little ways down my throat which I can't quite move and which I'm not sure but which might be going to move and cut off my windpipe. I tried finding out on the web if my throat and presumably the various fluids in my mouth can digest it but no joy. Came across this while looking though. Interesting yet useless knowledge.

As a consequence of feeling a bit better, last night I took to doing some wallpaper removal in the kitchen. Went relatively smoothly all things considered, there again it was off a painted surface on a block wall. The stairs hallway on plasterboard might be a different matter. I had bought some white paint at the weekend. My intention is that I would paint the entire place white, brilliant white as it says on the tub. (never sure what was so brilliant about being white. Given the climate we send more time being blue or red.) I've not got around to doing any painting as yet as I kind of want to have some covers for the floor to do it.

While doing this I didn't bother to turn on the telly but decided to got Eleanor to play some Spiritualized and some Depeche Mode. My music choices are quite limited at the moment until I get my full stash moved in. I should catalogue them when I do this as I've lost count on what I have at this point. Mgb, I still have your scanner! Sorry about that. To be honest the most recent DM was a disappointment for me. And the software that means you can only listen to it on a PC with the CD in (anti-ripping) meant I left it at home most of the time. It annoyed me enough that I skipped on their concert last month in Dublin as a result. Perhaps cutting off my nose to spite my face but I was quite ticked off. Still being able play what I want whenever is kind of cool.

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