Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Everyone has a book in them

it just may not be a very good one

Recent media attention has focused on the plight of a lady in Paris who I would tend to agree shouldn't really have been fired off the bat as it seems to appear she was. There is now talk of her getting a book or even film deal, and it makes a person wonder if everyone who generates a certain amount of newsprint will get a book deal and whether we shouldn't think more of the trees.


le Comte de Saint Germain said...

Most of us like to think we have one great work of fiction inside us.
You can make it into a novel and die waiting or make it into a CV and die rich.

Dan Sullivan said...

Or make it

half a page

"Significantly, however, one of the first IFB initiatives introduced under the Perry regime encourages applications for scripts at the early ideas stage. "It's the way I'm used to working," he says. "Most of what is submitted here for development is already in script form, and I find that strange. Now a submission can be a few pages, maybe even less. It could be half a page and a conversation - a concept, the description of an idea. You can tell a lot from that."

PERRY DISMISSES film industry rumours that the IFB will cut back on funding for shorts. "If anything, that commitment will be stepped up. As one of my colleagues here said, 'The shorts are in need of a haircut'. That's true, but it doesn't mean they're going to have short hair, just that their hair might be a little tidier. We're producing some great shorts and some remarkable animation. What we might do is franchise out programmes for a year or two to a production company to run it under our general guidance. That's one of the things we're looking at."