Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who is it all for?

Blogging continues to find itself in the news for unintended but perhaps not so unexpected reasons. A young lady in Paris has lost her job as a result of her blog. In which she chatted about her workplace.

An acquaintance of mine, (actually, I'd be imposing to say that, better to say an acquiantance of a friend) posted on this particular issue and appeared to sum up their post with the following "But it really puts things into perspective for people who blog. Be aware that there are repercussions for what gets written. Even when you think you are being clever, even when you give people or places whimsical nicknames, sometimes there are consequences that you never really envisaged." and I thought to comment and share my opinion on the situation of the lady in Paris and the more general issue of consequences that come with our actions.

I was then somewhat surprised a few days later to find my comment deleted, it can hardly be a result of the content which was broadly supportive of the initial post. So can could only be that fact that it was from me that prompted the deletion which is kinda ironic given the nature of the original post. Now, everyone is entitled to do as they wish with their own personal space, blog whatever but it prompts the question, who are blogs for?

For the user primarily, of course, but to serve what purpose - to allow them to address all and sundry or to converse with smaller more selective grouping. Is the blog a broadcast or a localised conversation? Are people really inviting contributions or is it more intended as a personal diary? Should we read from individual postings that they are a note to the self or a warning or admonishment to others to watch their step, or a general rising of the alarm? And is the warning for the poster's benefit or the audiences? Is the intent to threaten the audience or advise them? There is a fine line between talking handsfree and just being another crazy person on the street talking to themselves.

The truth is hard to know, and I'll be honest and admit that I'm somewhat at a loss myself as to why I blog somethings and not others. The writing is fun, and there is some cathartic about putting an opinion or feeling into words. Yet, I'm still not sure who I expect or intend to read it, could it just be for myself? Well, I suppose if it is and I get something out of it then what harm. After all, my readship knows me well enough to mail if they had a problem with something or needed clarifacation on something. And as I don't know the folks I don't know I couldn't say anything about them that would need clearing up.

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